Selling With A Tulsa Agent vs. A Direct Sale To 1-800-2SellHomes

When selling a house in the Tulsa area, it is important to consider all of the options available to you. Sometimes a direct sale is the best choice, other times it’s not. Below, we compare some of the basic differences between selling direct and hiring a Tulsa area real estate agent to sell your home. Run the numbers for yourself, and decide what will make the most sense for you!

Hiring A Tulsa Agent Sold Directly To 1-800-2SellHomes
Commissions / Fees: Be prepared to pay 6% to the agents when the sale is final $0 – We don’t charge a dime in fees or commissions
Who Pays Closing Costs?: The seller will usually pay about 2% of the final sale price in closing costs $0 – You won’t have to pay any closing costs whatsoever!
Inspection & Financing Contingency*: This will most likely be required by the lender, and keep in mind, about 15% of sales fall through Not applicable – we buy as-is, and you will never have to worry about the sale falling through!
Appraisal Needed: Yes. Again, this will be required by the buyer’s lender. If the house doesn’t appraise high enough, the sale won’t go through. Not required
Average Days Until Sold: Properties in the Tulsa area stay on the market for over 100 days on average!  We are able to close in only a few days after seeing your property and making an offer!
Number of Showings: Unknown Only us
Closing Date: 30-60 +/- days after accepting buyers offer Whenever is the most convenient for you!
Who Pays For Repairs?: This is negotiated between the buyer and seller after the home inspection We do.

No, we cannot pay full retail value. However, we aim to help you save so much in commissions, repair costs, marketing fees, utilities, and maintenance, that the price difference will be negligible! The only real difference will be all the time and hassle you will save! No repairs, no agent costs, no waiting around! Run the numbers for yourself and find out what will make the most sense for you!

Imagine… selling your Tulsa house in days not months! 

Nowhere does it say that you have to hold on to a house forever. Maybe you are tired of the hassles, repair costs and headaches associated with your Tulsa area property. If that is the case, it might be time to seriously consider selling the house. You do not need to continue paying the mortgage, taxes, utilities, insurance and property taxes month after month. If your property isn’t benefiting you, it might be time to consider selling and putting the money elsewhere. Those monthly expenses add up fast and by selling your Tulsa house fast, you can end those pesky expenses right away!

No cleaning, no repairs, no upgrades, no staging… 

No matter what condition your house is in, listing it takes work! Even the most well-kept homes will require some cleaning and storage of personal items. To successfully sell on the MLS, there are typically a few things that need to be done. Landscaping, removal of personal belongings, deep cleaning, repairs, both cosmetic and the big ones behind the scenes. You will likely want to pay a professional photographer and possibly purchase or lease a few items to help stage the home for showings and open houses. However, with a direct sale to 1-800-2SellHomes, none of this is necessary. We don’t ask you to make repairs, landscape or even clean up. We will take care of everything, making the process as easy as possible for you. Selling your Tulsa house doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. Find out if it’s right for you by getting an offer from us now! There is never any obligation to worry about!

1-800-2SellHomes has been helping people for over 30 years, and we would love the opportunity to help you too! Read more about what others have to say! Check out some of our most recent clients and what they have to say about our services here! 

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*An inspection contingency allows the buyer time to enlist the help of a professional home inspector. If repairs are needed, the buyer will have the opportunity to back out of the sale or attempt to negotiate a lower sale price. If the house does not appraise as high as the lender requires, a financing contingency will allow the buyer the ability to back out of the sale.

At 1-800-2SellHomes we don’t use bank financing so you don’t have to worry about our ability to close on a deal. We buy as-is, and will never let the sale fall through. Send us a message using the form above or give us a call now! No matter what condition your house is in, we are here to help! Learn more about what we can do for you today! (800) 273-5546 

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