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We don’t just buy from homeowners! We also work with Realtors, Wholesalers, and Investors. We pay commissions to Realtor’s if we buy a house you referred to us, even if you don’t have the listing. Wholesalers, do you have a property under contract but don’t know where to find a buyer. Give us a call and you can earn money when we can take over your contract and buy the property. If you have a seller but don’t have a property under contract, we can help you negotiate the contract so you get paid for your work. Investors, let us know your criteria and we will put you on our list and contact you directly when we have property that fits your criteria.


Do you have a “hard to sell” listing due to the condition or situation? Is the seller overwhelmed by repairs? Do they need to sell fast? Does the property have title or legal issues?

We’re here to help! We buy homes as-is, close fast, and pay commissions to Realtors! In 2020, we paid $50,259.61 in commissions to OKC metro Realtors just like you!


Are you looking to quickly assign your contract for CASH? Are you looking for a money partner? Has your financing been held up or fallen through? Would you like to partner on a flip and share in the profits? Then we could be the solution!


We have built our business by buying homes from people who needed to sell quickly. After decades of working with property owners and investors we are ready to help you with you start or add to your real estate investment portfolio. Let us help you find investment property at prices that will generate returns.

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